Freeman Stamper

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Charles Freeman Stamper
aka Steffany
aka Mama Jo Bradley, The Bradley Family

Clubs & Associations

Finest City Squares (Honorary member)
Heads to the Center
Shady Rest Dancers
Squares Across the Border (Honorary member)
Western Star Dancers

Quick Facts

Media Features


Golden Boot Award

In 1989, Ken Pollack presented Freeman with the Golden Boot Award.
In 1990, Freeman presented the award to Karl Jaeckel.

Medallion Dancer


Various documents have it spelled differently, so for the wiki we checked. Here's what Freeman had to say:

Q - Is it "Stephanie" or "Stephany"?
A - Thanks for asking, 'cause neither spelling is correct. It is Steffany. My comment has always been, "You can mispronounce it, but don't misspell it."