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Charles Freeman Stamper
07 Jul 1945 - 22 Oct 2023
AKA Steffany
AKA Mama Jo Bradley, The Bradley Family

Clubs & Associations

Finest City Squares (Honorary member)
Heads to the Center
Shady Rest Dancers
Squares Across the Border (Honorary member)
Western Star Dancers

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Golden Boot Award

In 1989, Ken Pollack presented Freeman with the Golden Boot Award.
In 1990, Freeman presented the award to Karl Jaeckel.

Medallion Dancer


Charles "Freeman" Stamper was born on July 7, 1945 in Columbia, LA. He was the son of Andrew Stamper and Lena Belle Watson. He was preceded in death by his parents, twin brother Leeman and sister Merlene. He received his Bachelor's Degree from NLSC(ULM) in Secretarial Science/Office Administration in 1968; top honor graduate in the School of Business. Freeman entered the Army, achieved the Rank of E-5 and served his duty in the Pentagon, and was awarded the Joint Service Commendation Medal. He served as an executive secretary to prestigious law firms in DC and CA and managed wealth for personal families.

Mr. Stamper was a philanthropist and received numerous awards for his interest and care of others, especially ULM Students, Faculty and Staff. Included in those awards are the Kitty Degree Bell Tower Honor Roll, the George T. Walker Society, The Warhawk Ambassador Award and the Hall of Distinction Award. He is currently nominated to receive the George T. Walker Life Time Achievement Award, which has not been given since 2015. With his gifts, the University will benefit from his generosity for many years to come. Freeman could often be seen on campus attending athletic events, VAPA concerts and performances, ULM Foundation and just about every alumni association event. His presence was ubiquitous; he will be greatly missed.

Freeman is survived by his sister-in-law, Barbara; nephews, Michael and Tommy; niece, Linda; many cousins; friends, Korbin and Allen. Also, life-time friends Thomas Tripp and Barry Delcambre, who have been instrumental in his end-of-life processes, and the life and death Gatekeepers of his remains, Frank and Janet Grabowski of Port Carbon, PA. His Pet Peeve was people who would not return their shopping carts to the designated receptacle! He always believed in paying it forward and there is no such thing as "That's how we have always done it, so think out of the box." Special thanks to the many friends in the ULM circle and outside, who loved him dearly.

Online condolences may be sent to[1]


On behalf of the Bradley square dance Family, Rest in Peace dear Freeman AKA Steffany AKA Mama Jo Bradley. Yellowrocks.

I have known and had many adventures throughout my 40+ years of being acquainted. Everyone loved your spirt and dedication to whatever you took on.
James Ozanich

Freeman was the true life of the party in the early days of the IAGSDC. I first met him in July 1986 at the San Francisco convention, and we developed a casual and comfortable friendship through the dance that lasted for decades. Our contact was less frequent after he slid away from all this square dance obligations, but he knew he was still loved by all. I visited him May 2022 after my 50th high school reunion, driving to Monroe to be in awe of his collections and life, toured around the university there, then he toured me around Columbia, where he was raised and knew the family of my sister-in-law Grace Eyler who has family there. You will be truly missed Freeman. Godspeed.
Bill Eyler

I just heard that we've lost Freeman Stamper. He was such a figurehead in the IAGSDC and he'll be missed. May his memory be a blessing.
Michael Levy

(Shady) Rest in Peace, Mama Jo! You'll be missed. - Fannie Jo
Russell Marsh

The Bradley Family will miss him dearly
Susan Siegfried

Such sad news. Fly high Freeman
Anne Uebelacker

Oh my dear friend. I will miss you so much. We had such good times together and such wonderful memories. Rest in Peace and know that you will never be out of my mind. Love you always
Sandie Bryant

Goodbye Freeman. Rest in peace.
Rick Hawes

I am in tears. We have all lost a dear friend.
John Faulds

Such a wonderful person. He will be forever in my heart. He did so much for the Square Dance committee. RIP peace my good friend.
Corky Bolin

Such a wonderful man. Rest in Peace.
Todd Fellegy

Oh dear. Very sad to hear this. He was an outsized presence at conventions.
Steve Johnson

pretty sad news. he is indeed a wonderful man; we share the same pet peeves; I don’t understand why people don’t return shopping carts to their racks. he has done so much for IAGSDC; I asked him why he would not go up level in dancing. He said that he liked to meet more people, encouraged them , and enjoyed dancing with them. I am sure a lot of people would miss him. Sleep well…
Benny Sevilla

What a HUGE loss to ALL Square Dancers. He was know, and loved by many around the world! RIP Freeman, we will ALL miss your vivacious enthusiasm. You will be forever in all of our hearts!
Randy Clarke-Ianiero

I'm so saddened to hear this! Freeman was such an AMAZING person in so many ways and touched me in many ways. He will always be an icon to me. RIP Dear Freeman
Bonnie Abramson

Thank you, Freeman, for all of your kindness and love. The other twin Charles.
Chuck Novak

Such a dear soul whose positive influence is long-reaching. Square dancing was SOOOO fortunate to have him. He was always such a dear to me. You're going to be deeply missed, Freeman. Thank you for being a friend
Deborah Carroll-Jones

Oh Shit!!! Dear Freeman you were my role model. Rest In Peace dear man
John Mckinstry

Such a sad loss of a spectacular person.
Bill Anderson

So sad to hear a true icon in IAGSDC!!! He will be missed by many!
Bobby Wojcak

What a wonderful man. Rest in Peace
Italo Regoli

Wow.. Hurts to even hear the news
Stanley Kawecki

He was so very lovely, sassy and elegant. I remember him fondly. He will be missed.
Anne Fenkner

Oh dear. what an amazing human being!
Bex Clark

He touched so many of us. Of course he will be remembered dearly. Rest in peace Freeman.
Tom Maturo

Rest in Peace. A great loss to our IAGSDC family. We will miss you, good by Freeman.
Patti Cummings

oh no. Our Freeman.. my friend who first encouraged me to start square dancing. What a loss for us all. May you rest in peace, dear friend. My heart breaks.
Ett McAtee

So broken up to hear this, such a dear friend for nearly forty years. Rest in peace Freeman
Chris Phillips

In tears here. Such an amazing human being. His memory will live on and be a blessing to many.
Mike Rutkowski

Oh, no! Freeman was a unique and shining personality.
Erin Byars

So very sorry to hear. I got to know Freeman in the 90s when I was living in the Bay Area.
John Savage

So sad to here. Freeman spirit and love for others was alway present. I bought one of his wigs and I still wear it . His personality spread to all who meet him. RIP. You will not be forgotten.
Mustang Mary

Dear Family of Freeman Stamper,

I am holding you all close to my heart during this time of Freeman’s passing. Freeman, OK Stephanie, was the very first person to greet me at my first IAGSDC Convention, San Francisco - 1986. There she stood in all her eight-foot grandeur.

We always greet each other as “Charles,” our proper name. And state how fortunate we are to have each other as our "other," twin brother.

Over these more than 30 years, we have shared stories, I have learned proper, Southern etiquette, and we have laughed about our life experiences. When I received my 10-year medallion, Freeman began his presentation with a story about a square dancer, who went back to his mid-west hometown and started a gay square club in 1988. I was honored by his kind words.

My ears still hear his voice, and I can still see his smile, although it is a little blurry from my tears.

Thank you for sharing our beloved Freeman with me.

Lots of Hugs,
Chuck Novak

We are his family, for the most part. Hugs!
Bill Eyler

Dear Freeman, you were a pillar to your Family and Friends. We always knew You loved and supported us.

You were a powerful force in Society as well and contributed so much of your wisdom and kindness to all You touched.

What You have left Us and the World has nurtured a precious garden of Love and Memories.

May Your Soul rest in Happiness and Peace. 🙏
W Tom Pearson

He was a sweetheart and one of the nicest folks I’d ever met..   and he liked me!   haha    We kept up on our birthdays, but of course he never mentioned to me that he was needing “end of life” companions in his life..    Be sure to get a pretty badge for the convention quilt, and I hope you re-publish his obit and correct the last paragraph to include his flair for always wearing a fabulous outfit and lovely accessories, his perfect square dance timing, the sewing circles and clever designer patterns and the ensemble preparations with the Bradley's, and his devotion to his friends..    I’m glad he had a long and fun-filled life, and that he got to live in the beautiful SF house, etc..   what an adorable human being..    I’m glad his tour to earth coincided with mine and that I had the opportunity to meet him!
Sonya Cox


Various documents have it spelled differently, so for the wiki we checked. Here's what Freeman had to say:

Q - Is it "Stephanie" or "Stephany"?
A - Thanks for asking, 'cause neither spelling is correct. It is Steffany. My comment has always been, "You can mispronounce it, but don't misspell it."



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