James Ozanich

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James Ozanich.jpg

James Ozanich
aka Blanchie Jo Bradley

Clubs & Associations

Capital City Squares
Heads to the Center
Midnight Squares
Prime 8s
Shady Rest Dancers
The Bradley Family
Western Star Dancers
Squares Across the Border (Honorary Member)


James begin square dancing in 1969 or 1970 as a pre-teen with the Rancho Rascals in his hometown of San Pablo, CA. Has danced with several (non-LGBT) square dance exhibition groups and toured Romania & Czechoslovakia in 1980 (before the Berlin wall fell). He found gay square dancing in San Francisco 1983.

Quick Facts


Golden Boot Award

In 2023, the Ceder family presented James with the Golden Boot Award.
In 2024, James passed the award on to Jim Babcock.

Medallion Dancer