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Steffany is the alter-ego of Freeman Stamper
An especially elegant Old Queen That Never Was. Steffany was one of the contestants in the very first Honky Tonk Queen "pageant", but sadly, never won.

Long Story. Toilet reading (greatly truncated from MANY backstories) In 1976, I won the title of First Lady of the Awards Club of DC. It was important because I was officially a member of the Academy Awards Club of DC (because my “family” was a member of the Academy). I had often said that I did not need to fight the battles between the clubs because I was not a part of those histories. So, I won First Lady (which was a member balloted vote, and I did win over another member). The medallion around my neck is my First Lady Medallion. It was in DC that my “stage name” Steffany originated. (BTW, you can mispronounce it, but don’t ever misspell it!)
I moved to San Francisco in 1977, intending to leave drag behind me. I started square dancing in the gay community in 1983 (at the birth of the activity in the gay community). Well, Steffany soon rear her head, and many exciting things happened.
This picture (right) is from the convention in 1994 when it was at the very hotel at which the awards were commemorated in 1976 for the Awards Club of DC. SO. I decided that an harmonic convergence had occurred, and that it was time to retire. So, I asked my long-standing friend and only hairdresser to do this final “do.” He lived in Virginia, so all he had to do was drive it over rather than, as usual, shipping it to California in a huge box. I had made the flag, so when he delivered the “do” to the hotel, I added the flag.
As per my usual schedule, I arrived at the banquet shortly after all the dancers were seated so that all could see my arrival. I must admit that the ballroom was floored and many photos were rushed to be taken. One dear friend queen from NYC, Tami Whynotte. fell on knees in awe.
All my “dos” had been styled in Virginia and shipped to San Francisco. This one never made it to the City by the Bay because it was purchased by a queen in Miami and driven there in a van.
Oh dear, you’re probably weary of these stories.
PS: This medallion and another one from DC are the genius of the Square Dance Medallion Project.
Freeman Stamper

I loved being your “only” Hairstylist all these years!!!
Kenneth Brown

Kenneth Brown you da best. From 1971 to 20?? I may need one more for 2022 when I have my 30th convention - If it happens
Freeman Stamper