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Scott Carey

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Western Star Dancers

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This is the ninth one of these little babies I have produced. I am driven to do it each year because more and more gay square dancers grow to depend upon it. I guess the Travel Guide is a surrogate for my mothering instincts. In 1986, I decided to dedicate each edition to someone who has contributed substantially to our activity. The time has come to cease this annual acknowledgment because the efforts currently being exerted in the development of new clubs and the perpetuation of the existing ones is enormous and the responsibilities are being carried by a legion of volunteers.

So, this final dedication is to the several people who have for the longest period of time nurtured not only the gay square dance activity but also me personally. If everyone of you could have friends like SCOTT CAREY, ANNA DAMIANI, and JAMES FOWLE, you would love life, love each other, and most importantly love yourselves. It is impossible for me to feel alone or isolated. These people know my spirit and sense my needs. We are family. We are all Cancers. Need I say more? Thanks, dearest friends, for making me the "happiest [person] in the whole USA"[2]


Golden Boot Award

In 1987, Dave "Happy" New Year presented Scott with the Golden Boot Award.
In 1988, Scott presented the award to Ken Pollack.

Medallion Dancer



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