Keith Gehrig

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Graduated with an MFA from Seattle University on June 11, 2017.

Keith Gehrig

Clubs & Associations

Puddletown Squares


  • serves as Stepdaddy Medallion for the Medallion Project, taking over from Stepmother Rick Hawes, 2018-present
    • Email: or Check out the "medallion project - iasgsdc" Facebook page
  • served as chair of Puddletown Squares, 2001-2005
  • served on the IAGSDC Executive Committee as Vice Chair, 2004-2013
  • served as chair of the Petersen Fund, 2004-2013
  • served as co-chair of a number of Puddletown Fly-ins
  • served as the Country/Western DJ at conventions in St. Louis and Seattle
  • former club historian for Puddletown Squares; handed off to Bob Moritz

Golden Boot Award

In 2016, John O'Grady and Leo Champagne presented Keith with the Golden Boot Award.
In 2017, Keith passed the award on to Justin Crawshaw-Lopton and Ross Crawshaw-Lopton.

Medallion Dancer