Karl Jaeckel

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Karl Jaeckel

Clubs & Associations

Mile High Squares
Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus

Quick Facts

  • lives in Denver, CO
  • maintains a substantial archive of ephemeral materials relating to the IAGSDC
  • instrumental in the formation of two gay square dance clubs, Mile High Squares and Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus
  • founding member and first instructor for the Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus [1]
  • attended the 1983 fly-in in Miami at which the IAGSDC was founded [2]


  • serves as archivist for the IAGSDC and the Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus
  • served on the IAGSDC Executive Committee as Vice Chair, 1989-1990
  • served as Administrator for the IAGSDC

Golden Boot Award

In 1990, Freeman Stamper presented Karl with the Golden Boot Award.
In 1991, Karl presented the award to Harlan Kerr.

Medallion Dancer



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