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Every year at the IAGSDC convention, a new Honky Tonk Queen is chosen. The judges evaluate contestants on deportment, personality, dress sense and talent. Most years they find none of these qualities in any contestant, so the winner is chosen by rolling dice.

More detailed write-ups of the HTQ Contest and traditions (such as they are) can be found here:

A crown (a spray-painted, Christmas-tree-lighted, western boot), sash, "sceptre" and various other adornments are bestowed on the winner and kept in The HTQ Suitcase which travels with the reigning queen from one convention to the next.

List of Honky Tonk Queens

sortable table
Recipient Year City Convention Video
Ms. Virginia Slim 1984 Seattle All Join Hands (Convention)
Ms. Virginia Slim 1985 Denver Promenade Along The Rockies
Ms. Virginia Slim 1986 San Francisco Star Thru The Golden Gate
Sybil 1987 Portland Explode The Rose
Pam Demonium 1988 Phoenix Cross Trails In The Desert
Tami Wynotte 1989 New York Peel The Apple
Layona Davenport 1990 Vancouver Northstar Promenade
Dominique de Fontainbleau 1991 Miami Cast A Shadow In The Sun video
Carmina Putana 1992 Albuquerque Diamonds In The Desert
Moolena 1993 Seattle Remake The Circle
Curlique "Queen for a Day" 1994 Washington, DC Stars & Squares Forever
Donna Matrix 1994 Washington, DC Stars & Squares Forever
Lois Carmen D'Nominator 1995 Chicago Track II Chicago
Elvis 1996 San Francisco Stars, Thars & Cable Cars
Virginia Hamm 1997 Las Vegas Wheel & Deal
The Christmas Belles--Belle Whatling, Belle Epoch, Belle Poitrine and Belle E. Button 1998 Portland Weave The Rose
Muriel 1999 Los Angeles Lights, Camera, Linear Action
Ucanleime Amy 2000 Baltimore Crack The Crab
Mary Gold and The Big Boned Girls 2001 Vancouver Make Magic
Lady Di-Amel 2002 Toronto Cloverleafs & Maple Leafs
Gypsum Rock Lee 2003 San Diego Anchors Aweigh With a Half-Sashay
Lily White and her Spermettes 2004 Phoenix Remake The Heatwave video
The Fabulous Cow Patty 2005 Santa Clara Star Thru The Silicon Galaxy
Wilma Titzgro 2006 Anaheim Wish Upon A Thar
Mustang Mary 2007 Denver Red Rocks and Purple Mountains
Iona Doublewide 2008 Cleveland Touch A Quarter Century video
Mrs. Manischewitz 2009 Washington, DC DC Diamond Circulate
Ima Cornholer 2010 Chicago Chi-Town Shakedown
Lesley Gore-Tex 2011 Atlanta Gone With The Windmill
The Zombie Entourage (Davy Jones and Dick Clark) 2012 Vancouver Dance Up A Storm
The Barf Sisters - Ivana & Igotta 2013 San Francisco Weave Your Heart in San Francisco video
Olive de Bottom 2014 Salt Lake City Squeeze the Hive video
Mary,Wanna? 2015 St. Louis Swing Me in St. Louis video
Freeda Evryoneǃ 2016 Toronto Maple Leafs Regroup
Diamond Lane 2017 Palm Springs Palm Springs Swing & Mix 2017
Jayne Dawn de Lyon 2018 Seattle Circle Back to Seattle
Ida Dunham 2019 Philadelphia Belles Run Philadelphia 2019 video
Carmen Epstein 2022 Minneapolis Twin City Spin
Phil D Canyon 2023 Ottawa Wilde Bunch



Honky Tonk Queens in the time of COVID-19, created by Tami Wynotte.

2008 video commemorating 25 years of HTQ Contests.

2019: Belles Run Honky Tonk Queen Pageant (2019). Courtesy of David Moffat.

2018: Circle Back to Seattle: Honky Tonk Queen Pageant (2018). Courtesy of Ken Siebert.

2016: Diamond Lane and the Rest Stop Romeos at the 2016 Honky Tonk Queen Contest.

2009: Curlique and Her Boys: "Get This Party Started".

2008: Iona Doublewide's winning lipsync performance.

2007: Brief clip showing an HTQ square in Denver.

2004: Gypsum Rock Leet hosting the contest in Phoenix.

1992: Honky Tonk Queen Contest - Entrance of Dominique de Fontainebleau.

1989: The Ronda Fox Show IAGSDC Honky Tonk Pageant (1989).