Lesley Gore-Tex

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Ima Cornholer, 2010 HTQ (left), and Lesley Gore-Tex, 2011 HTQ. Photo courtesy of Kathy Zottmann

Lesley Gore-Tex was the winner of the 2011 HTQ contest.
For personal appeareance, please consult Kevin Randall.


It is widely assumed that she won due to her stunning live performance of the song "It's My Pageant (And I'll Win If I Want To)", sung to the tune of "It's My Party (And I'll Cry If I Want To)".

Her Majesty wrote a column for the Spring 2012 IAGSDC Newsletter at the end of her reign which was titled, appropriately, "It's My Column (And I'll Write What I Want To)".

Ima Cornholer,  gave a show for all to enjoy. Large Pickles were involved.  

Lesley Gore-Tex showed up, and took over with her version of the new Honky Tonk Hit. "It's My Pageant" (Sung to the tune of,  "It's My Party") Go HRH Lesley Gore-tex!

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