The Christmas Belles

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(L-R): Belle E. Button & Belle Whatling with Belle Epoch behind them parading with the crown when they won the Honky Tonk Queen contest at Weave The Rose, 1998

The Christmas Belles were the winners of the 1998 Honky Tonk Queen Contest.

Ensemble Name Street Name
Belle Whatling Harlan Kerr
Belle Poitrine David Draper
Belle E. Button Tony Loncich
Belle Epoch Ken Moore


"1998 Portland
Won't Udo That Voodoo That Udo So Well!

OK -- size does matter, as we found out this year when the Belles of San Francisco made their triumphant entrance in the contest -- marking the first time the contest was won by a float -- or four floats, if you weigh it out!!! In no particular order, they were: Belle Whatling, Belle Poitrine, Belle Epoch and Belle E. Button. Great costumes, minimal talent. They did prove what Lois and Tami have always believed: that drag and leather are at opposite ends of the same continuum -- and these twisted bitches lived at both ends simultaneously! In addition to that, they all fed off of one brain!"[1]