Ucanleime Amy

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Ucanleime Amy was the winner of the Honky Tonk Queen contest in 2000.
For personal appearances, please consult Jim Bishop.


2000 Baltimore
I've Got Crabs!!!

Well, with the help of two old pros, Muriel showed up for the contest with some men of Asian persuasion that made rice queens out of the most die-hard white bread lovers! Never will we forget those boys shimmying out of their kimonos and turning around holding those long, hard, tube-shaped cannons and ejaculating paper streamers all over the faces of the first two rows! After annoying several contestants with acts of self-will, and forcing contestants to improvise on the spot rather than perform what they'd rehearsed, the crown was handed over to Ucanleime Amy - a Polynesian wannabe, whose talents are yet to be determined! Stand by for the true test of her mettle![1]



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