Mary Gold and The Big Boned Girls

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Crowned by Virginia Hamm in 2001

Mary Gold and The Big Boned Gals were the winners of the Honky Tonk Queen contest in 2001.
For personal appearances, please consult Neil Heather

Ensemble Name Street Name
Mary Gold Neil Heather
Alotta Gelotta Warren Jay Eggly
Patsy Sue Venear Chuck Krysieniel

Traffic Cone Sisters
The Traffic Cone Sisters Chuck Krysieniel (Patsy Sue Venear) (L) and Warren Jay Eggly (Alotta Gelotta) made their debut at the Crack The Crab 2000 Fun Badge Tour in Baltimore ("That's Bawlmer, Hon!"), Maryland. They later went on to fame and fortune as two members of a tripartite Honky Tonk Queen contest winner, "Mary Gold & The Big Boned Girls." at Make Magic in Vancouver in 2001