Justin Crawshaw-Lopton

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Left to right: Ross Crawshaw-Lopton, Allan Hurst, Justin Crawshaw-Lopton selling Houston 2021 50-50 brunch raffle tickets at Belles Run in Philadelphia, 2019. Photo courtesy of Ross Crawshaw-Lopton.

Justin Crawshaw-Lopton

Clubs & Associations

Temple Squares


Justin met his spouse Ross Crawshaw-Lopton while square dancing, and their family moved to Salt Lake City in 2007. They co-founded Temple Squares, Utah's one and only square dance club for the LGBTQ community and their friends.


Golden Boot Award

In 2017, Keith Gehrig presented Justin and his husband Ross Crawshaw-Lopton with the Golden Boot Award.
In 2018, they passed the award on to Barry Clasper and Pam Clasper.

Medallion Dancer