Zoom to the Beach

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An annual fly-in of Shoreline Squares.


# Year Date City State Venues Theme Callers
1 1997 Nov 14-16 Long Beach CA G Darcy, Mike DeSisto, Dave Rensberger
2 1998 Oct 09-11 Long Beach CA Todd Fellegy, Kris Jensen
3 1999 Oct 08-10 Long Beach CA Vic Ceder, Darren Gallina, Anne Uebelacker
4 2000 Oct 13-15 Long Beach CA Marty Dee, Tom Miller, Dave Rensberger, D. Williams
5 2001 Oct 12-14 Long Beach CA West Coast Hotel
The Queen Mary
Pat Carnathan, Michael Kellogg, David Mee, Vern Weese
6 2002 Oct 11-13 Long Beach CA Lion Queen Safari Betsy Gotta, Andy Shore, Anne Uebelacker
7 2003 Oct 10-12 Long Beach CA Long Beach Airport Marriott Tim Crawford, Anne Uebelacker
8 2004 Oct 08-10 Lakewood / Long Beach CA UAW Local 148 Hall
The Queen Mary
Deborah Carroll-Jones, Mike Kellogg, Michael Levy