Golden Boot 2004

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GB 2004 EttRick.jpg

Golden Boot 2004 - Ett McAtee

presentation at Remake The Heatwave by Rick Hawes

Well folks, I should start off by saying -- the Golden Boot Award is not an award of or by the IAGSDC or the convention committee. The Boot is recognition of extraordinary dedication and service to the gay square dance world.

The criteria for and the selection of a recipient are solely the responsibility (and pleasure) of the current holder of the Golden Boot. The recipient receives a Golden Boot dangle and a personal token of appreciation. In addition, this year, thanks to Betsy and Roy Gotta, there is a handsome plaque listing all of the former recipients with space left to enshrine the names of future recipients.

I would like to a take a moment here to again thank Andy Shore for awarding the Golden Boot to me last year. I was truly shocked to be selected, but I feel very honored to have received it from someone for whom I can honestly say I have boundless respect. Thank you, Andy.

The person I have selected to receive the Golden Boot is well known to all of you.

  • As a dancer from Basic thru 'C'-umpteen
  • As a club organizer and founder
  • As an organizer and chair of fly-ins and convention
  • As an instructor and caller across North America and in Europe
  • A person of awe-inspiring enthusiasm for all things "square dansual"
  • Hard as nails, soft as butter
  • The possessor of a flinty glare than can measure, freeze, slice and dice at 20 paces
  • A person who, when referred to as the "east coast Rick Hawes" took it as a compliment
  • A person sweet as sin, my twin

Ett McAtee