Specialty Tips

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Specialty tips are programmed for those who share a common interest in an area outside of square dancing, or who like a specialized type of calling. Sometimes referred to as 'affinity tips'.

Some common themes involve:

age (under 30/35, Millenial, Red Hats, Sexy@60)
body characteristics (bear, height (short, tall))
challenges (dance by definition, hot hash, take no prisoners)
clothing (kilt, leather, pajamas, tie-dyed, underpants) or lack thereof (Moonshine)
ethnicity (latin, pacific rim, people of color,... Canadian)
formations (hexagons, rectangles)
hair (long, silver)
music style (pop, disco, salsa, yodel)
status (married, medallion. new convention attendee)

A list of specialty tips called at IAGSDC conventions: