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Anywhere Square Tip is held to honor those dancers who belong to Anywhere Squares, a network of geographically dispersed dancers who enjoy and feel connected to gay square dancing, but are mostly without a home club nearby.


(may be incomplete)

Year Convention Program Level Caller(s)
2005 Star Thru The Silicon Galaxy Mainstream
2006 Wish Upon A Thar Mainstream Clara Welch
2007 Red Rocks and Purple Mountains Mainstream
2008 Touch A Quarter Century Mainstream Dayle Hodge
2010 Chi-Town Shakedown Mainstream Anne Uebelacker
2012 Dance Up A Storm Mainstream John Oldfield
2020 Take A Peak Mainstream
Challenge 1
Betsy Gotta, Bill Eyler, Bill van Melle, Chris Phillips, Darren Gallina, Ett McAtee, Juliane Burr, Kris Jensen, Kurt Gollhardt, Michael Levy, Michael Neiheisel, Patty Greene