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The LiveJournal tip (aka the "LJ tip") that first appeared at the IAGSDC convention in 2005.

LiveJournal is an online social networking and blogging site that became popular with in gay square dance, bear, and gay contra communities (among others) in the second half of the first decade of the third millennium (how's that for a time period!).


The 2005 tip was impromptu. It had not been conceived of or scheduled in advance of the convention in Santa Clara, but the idea quickly gelled; a time was selected, a room was found, and a note was posted on the message board as well as on LiveJournal itself. ((link citations would be cool)) Andy Shore called the tip, using the phrase "LJ-cut" as a synonym for Cut the Diamond. He also modified a few lyrics to a singing call on the fly to make it fit the LiveJournal theme of the tip. Approximately 31 LiveJournal members attended the tip.

((note - we need pics, attendee lists and blog citations and links))


In 2006 in Anaheim a LiveJournal tip was scheduled and Andy Shore wrote some specialty lyrics for the singing calls.

The first was to the tune Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend (Pioneer 6044)

Circle left
A link to your page may be quite complimentary
but LJ is a square's best friend
LA, Dosado, LA and weave around the ring
Your caller's Andy Shore, another comment whore
Swing & Promenade to the end
If you want to offend me, it's simple - de-friend me
LJ is a square's best friend

*If your pics show your bare butt, please use an LJ-cut

If you want my ovation, list my bed as your location

Just use your friend-filter if your post if off kilter

If you want to be-friend him, ask first, then rear-end him

LJ is a square's best friend

*When you spot a hottie, go check their user info
LJ is a square's best friend
you friend them, they friend you
are they nubile, virile, tactile - you better read that profile
LJ is a square's best friend

*You may notice some hair in your square of LJers
LJ is a BEARS best friend
men with fur say woof and grrrr
he may dress like a logger, but he's just another blogger
LJ is a square's best friend

The second was to Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (Chinook 120)

don't take your links, away from me
don't leave my friends list in misery
you click that button, and I'll be blue
'cause de-friending is hard to do
4 ladies promendade one time round
swing and promenade on down
please think it over and select un-do
'cause de-friending is hard to do

block me on LJ & I'll stalk you on Yahoo!
'cause de-friending is hard to do

don't treat me like I've got bird flu
'cause de-friending is hard to do

check out that caller's hot new tattoo
'cause de-friending is hard to do

I'm pretty scared 'cause you practise voodoo
'cause de-friending is hard to do

remember when we first clicked that night
on your mouse was it left or right?
checked out your profile and user pics too
'cause de-friending is hard to do
4 ladies promendade one time round
swing and promenade on down
I like BEEF and you're into TOFU
'cause de-friending is hard to do

I know you post with a filtered list
there are some that I'm sure I've missed
I want to comment but you don't want me to
'cause de-friending is hard to do
4 ladies promendade one time round
swing and promenade on down
I'm not crazy just a little cuckoo
'cause de-friending is hard to do


A LiveJournal tip was also scheduled at the Denver convention in 2007.

Andy added one more singer to the tune of Super Trooper (ABC 16):

Head Ladies Center, Teacup Chain...
I was sick and tired of web surfing,
when I got your IM in Denver
All I do is read and click and ping,
Wishing you were an LJ member
So imagine I was glad to hear you're joining
Suddenly I feel alright
Gonna add you to my friends list
When I read your blog tonight

Now you're an LJ user, friends are gonna find you
blogging's just begun
posting, having fun
Feeling like a number one ALLEMAND AND WEAVE
Now you're an LJ user, screen is gonna blind you
it's a big "to do"
your new blog debut
now somewhere on the net there's you

So now we dance, among our friends
Perhaps in Cleveland there'll be an LJ tip again
And when you add me to your friends, and read my blog
I know it's going to mean so much ALLEMAND AND WEAVE
Tonight an LJ user friend is going to cross-post
Not to be outdone
Linking, having fun
Hey look I think that's Gary Young

Tonight an LJ user, someone's gonna friend you
If you get a clue
Friends you will accrue
'Cause somewhere on the net there's you


In 2008 in Cleveland, Ett McAtee called the LiveJournal tip.


In 2009 Ett and Andy shared the calling, with Andy again creating a new specialty singing call.

To the tune Heartaches (Ranch House 905)

Why are there oh so many LOL CATZ
left alemande and then you do sa do
4 men star by the left one time round you go
turn your partner by the right your corner allemande
come back and swing and promenade her
There is one thing of which you can be sure
I Can Haz Cheez Bur Ger

[refrain for figure]
I could be happy with WordPress too
But to LJ I'll be true

Facebook Apps
Facebook Apps
I get bombarded by those facebook apps
I click deny and then I click ignore
But they keep making more 

We are all here because of L J
Will you please friend me, if I friend you

It's not MySpace
We have our place
To L J we are true


In 2010 in Chicago, Bill Eyler and Andy shared the calling with both callers providing new lyrics to singing calls. The "theme" of the tip was expanded to "Online Social Communities Affinity Group" to acknowledge the expansion and varieties of online social communities including Facebook, Twitter and others in the IAGSDC family. The 2010 tip was programmed during the dinner hour, and attendance seemed adversely affected.

Andy did one to the tune of Ain't Misbehavin' (Buckskin 1214)

Circle left
No one to TWEET with, all by myself
No one to CAM with, I'm solo on the shelf
Left allemande, come back and box the gnat
4 ladies promenade inside
Turn partner right, a full turn and then
Left allemande come back and promenade
Ain't misbehavin', saving my blog for you

Saving my blog for you

I'm don't friend just anyone, I profess to screen
Some posts are NSFW, some even obscene
Ain't misbehaving, saving my blog for you

Now I know for certain, you're the friend for me
I'm through with flirtin', I'll HASH FF faithfully
** Ain't misbehaving, saving my blog for you

And to the tune of Release Me (Hi Hat 5218)

Sides face, grand square
Please Re-Tweet me let me go
Foursquare I don't love youtube anymore
Allemande and weave the ring
To waste our livejournals would be a sin
Swing, promenade
Re-tweet me, and let me blog again

I have someone new to FOLLOW
though 140 characters seem rather HOLLOW
My lyrics are getting kind of thin
Re-Tweet me, and let me blog again

Please Retweet me, can't you see?
You'd be a fool to de-friend to me
I only strive to entertain
Retweet me, within your own domain

Retweet me and let me blog again

Bill's singers:

Blog a Little Blog - (Dream a Little Dream, channeling Mama Cass)

Words shining bright in front of you;
My ramblings seem to whisper Please Read Me!
Friends reading in the cyberspace tree.
Blog a little blog for me.

Say anything you want to;
Just read me now or tell me you'll miss me.
While I'm alone, blue as can be,
Blog a little blog for me.

Livejournal really just lingers on, dear---
Still craving your comments.
I'm longing to linger till dawn, dear,
Just saying this...

Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you---
Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you.
But in your ramblings, whatever they be,
Blog a little blog for me. 

Facebook Page (Baby Face, very ragtime/old jazz)

Facebook Page, you've got the cutest little Facebook Page.
I’ve found 1000 friends there in your place, Facebook Page
You sure are confusin’, but you’ve got me hooked and usin’
Facebook Page I'm up in heaven when I’ve viewing your pictures
Oh, I need a shove because I'm so in love with your pretty little Facebook Page

Privacy, You've got me thinkin’ Privacy
Farmville, Pirates, Petsville and some Scrabble, too
My poor heart is thumpin', you sure have started somethin’
Facebook Page, I'm up in heaven when I'm viewing your pictures
I didn't need a shove 'cause I just fell in love
With your pretty Facebook Page