Women's Tip

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The women's tip was born out of a perceived need to give the women at the IAGSDC convention a space where they knew they could meet up and dance together and not be outnumbered by men.  We think the very first women's hour was in Seattle in 1993. Sandie and Anne called it together. A bunch of well-endowed women from Vancouver decided to take off their shirts and dance. Sandie was speechless.  The hour has been on the schedule every year since then. Callers have included Anne Uebelacker, Sandie Bryant, Deborah Carroll-Jones, Kris Jensen, and Ett McAtee, among others.  The hour has become all-inclusive where the women square up in the front rows, and men square up near the back. All are welcome to attend, as with any of the specialty tips at convention. Unfortunately, we do not have a record at this writing of who called every year.

Ett McAtee & Anne Uebelacker