Golden Boot 2011

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Golden Boot 2011 - Mary Jane Wood

presentation at Gone With The Windmill by John Faulds

Last year I was speechless and deeply honored. This time I came prepared! I don’t remember much after Bob Young announced my name - until fellow club member Ima Cornholer squealed “Missy – it’s our Year!”

The Golden Boot Award is an award given to recognize contributions to the IAGSDC and the greater square dance community. Although the award dates back to the very first convention – the award is not an IAGSDC award; rather it is given by a person to a person.

I began square dancing in the Fall of 1988 – shortly after Phoenix had hosted Cross Trails In The Desert, and at my first convention, Peel The Apple in New York I watched as Freeman Stamper was honored with this award. I realize now those are large heels to fill. As a tribute to Freeman, here are some statistics: Since 1983 23 Men, 6 woman and two organizations have been honored with the Golden Boot.

This year’s Golden Boot Award is a Kachina Doll – the Hoop Dancer, a Native American symbol of dance and the circle of life.

This year we said good-bye to, among others, Mike Blizzard, Michael Deets, Lois Carmen D'Nominator and previous Golden Boot Recipient Bill St. John. These wonderful souls each contributed in their own way to the success of our activity - and we will miss them.

Gay Square dancing has no shortage of flash and style – yet there are those that make sure that what needs to get done – does get done. Fly-ins and conventions operate with precision, and Club Boards keep our activity going week in and week-out.

This year’s recipient has a rich history in supporting square dancing. A dancer for more than 14 years, an angel for new dancers, a club membership chair, club photographer, data base manager... although never officially a board member. Can you imagine going to a board meeting if you didn’t have to?! A friend described the recipient as one that supported others to be board members, helping to bring out other’s talents. In recent years, again far from the spotlight, the recipient has been an important advocate and supporter of square dancing from coast to coast. It is my great honor to present the 2011 Golden Boot Award to Mary Jane Wood.