Chi-Town SheDevils

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The Chi-Town SheDevils are a semi-official drag appendage of Chi-Town Squares.

Ensemble Name Street Name
LaBella DaBall Ron Rigby
LaLuna Tic Keith Pritchett
LaManna LaMancha Allison Nichol
Lamour L'Merrier David Honegger
Lana Cane Sugar
Lana Claire Day
Lana Kane Barb Jarvis
Landa Cotton? Ian Henzel
Laorta Lynn Farction Gary Schardine
Latell N'More Michael Krezuer
Latrina Doody Mike Peugh
Laurel Anne Hardy John Pope
Laverna Equinox David Schmitz
Layona Davenport Brad Scott
Leda Horstawater Steve Wellman
Leia Ontopomee Mike Flynn
Letitia Paper Ellis Rose
Libby Amajora Paul Rivera
Lil Biddydick Jack Donatelli
Liz Callitoff
LoAnn Behold Scott Keller
Lochmae Indaklosit Ron Goodman
Lois Carmen D'Nominator Mike Blizzard
Lorda Shegastle Ernie Lee
Loretta Watchout Kathy Zottmann
Lorraine O'Myparade Brian Blied
Lotta Reckonwith Greg Gilliam
Lucinda Saddle Lee Erickson
Lucy Anna Purchase Dana Mee
LuDanne L'Sivias Steve Miller
Lunara E. Klips Bert Diaz
Lurlean Cuisine Tim Cagney
LuWanda B. Astarr Phil Davis
Lurlean Cuisine Tim Cagney
Lynn Guini Adam Scott/David Scott
David Schmidt
George Grayson
Rick Babcock


All SheDevils have names beginning with the letter "L". One theory for this is that the Chicago Transit Authority train system is known as the 'L'.
They are known for their bright outfits, big hair, and garish makeup.

Two SheDevils have won the Honky Tonk Queen crown: Layona Davenport and Lois Carmen D'Nominator.