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A "magical mystery tour" type event in which a number of square dancers are transported (generally in buses, but occasionally in cars for smaller dance weekends) to a series of public sites. At each site, dancing is held, generally in the form of a singing call.

The sites are kept secret, so that the dancers don't know where they'll be dancing until they arrive at each site. In general, there are four sites on a Fun Badge Tour.

Usually, there's a script read out loud on each bus to both entertain and inform the dancers.

Typical Fun Badge Tour sites: public beaches, fountains, arenas, theatres, public squares, closed streets, GLBT community centers, zoos, parks, museums, gardens, etcetera.

At the conclusion of the tour, each dancer is handed a special dangle for their badge, commemorating their participation. Usually, there are multiple dangles, one for each stop. Occasionally, a single larger dangle is handed out instead.

Fun Badge Tours are usually danced at Mainstream level.

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