Golden Boot 2008

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Golden Boot 2008 - John Mckinstry

presentation at Touch A Quarter Century by Scott Philips

The Golden Boot Award is our way of recognizing special, lasting and/or significant contributions to the gay and lesbian square dance community. However, many of you may not be aware that the Golden Boot is not an "official" IAGSDC award, although it is one of the highly anticipated events of our convention. There is no formal selection process or criteria for choosing the recipient. The Boot is passed on each year from one recipient to the next.

Last year in Denver I was shocked when All Join Hands passed the Boot on to me. It was, and still is, quite humbling to join the ranks of past recipients. I hope many of you have had an opportunity to look at the plaque at our IAGSDC display to see the past recipients. And now it's time to add a new name on this plaque.

As we celebrate our 25th convention along with the 25th presentation of the Golden Boot, I'd like to recognize the past recipients -- including 19 individuals, 3 groups of 2 or 3 people, 1 club and 1 organization. Would all the past Golden Boot recipients who are with us this evening please stand and be recognized.... these people and their stories tell our history!

After searching the wealth of talent, dedication and service in our dance community, I finally came up with a very deserving person to pass the Boot on to -- a most difficult task. This is a person who is well known to all of us.

This person ---

  • Is a dancer who has been dancing I believe 19 years
  • is attending his 17th convention, according to our Stepmother Hawes
  • has been an active officer of his home club
  • has served as a convention co-chair (and is about to once again)
  • has been a co-chair of an A&C weekend
  • has served as vice-chair of the IAGSDC
  • has served twice as chair of the IAGSDC
  • joins a rich history of 3 past recipients from his club

It's a real honor for me to present the 2008 Golden Boot Award to someone I have admired for years and add his name to the plaque...

The Boot goes to our Madame Chair -- JOHN MCKINSTRY.