Golden Boot 1989

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Golden Boot 1989 - Freeman Stamper

From the presentation at Peel The Apple

[Introductory comments by Pat McFarland, a co-Chair of Peel The Apple.] For those of you who were with us at the convention in Phoenix last year, you know that the Golden Boot Award went to Ken Pollack, who, even then, could not be at the convention. Ken passed away in February, and we have decided to dedicate our convention to the memory of Ken Pollack, who put together the beginning of the program.

It is one of my deepest honors to have helped. [breaks with emotion]. All the way, at every moment, Ken was thinking of the convention, and he was very clear on who he wanted the Golden Boot Award to go to. It is my distinct honor to introduce someone who was very close to Ken and able to give that award out in his name. Without Ken, we would not be here. I say that with all my heart. Times Squares was founded by Ken Pollack.

Ken’s sister, Margaret Pollack, and her lover, Barbara, are here tonight. Margaret will give out the award for Ken.

[Margaret Pollack reads from a plaque to be presented.]

For his unequalled enthusiasm and support of gay square dancing.
For his untiring efforts to share information with everyone.
For his unrivalled sense of style.
But most of all, for his love.

Ken Pollack, my brother, presents the 1989 Golden Boot Award to Freeman “Steffany” Stamper.

GB 1989 Freeman1.jpg

[Steffany’s response.]

Please be seated. I don’t want to be like Sybil and take all your dance time.

I am an information freak, and I admit it. But, information is useless unless it is used. I do all of that because I sincerely want you to use it to communicate with each other. It’s very important to talk. I spent many years unable to talk with my family, but now you’re my family, and I have someone to talk to.

Thank you.