Roger Loney

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Roger Loney


Roger first discovered square dancing through a 4-H group retreat in northern Georgia. He continued dancing and began his calling at that same 4-H group in Columbus, Ga. in 1981. His first club was a singles group in Columbus and in the next few years he became known all over Georgia. In time his reputation spread to Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida. In 1985, he moved to Atlanta where he continued to call and became proficient in round dancing. Then he moved on to California in 1987 where he has continued to spread his reputation as a caller of all levels through Advanced. He now calls for four local clubs weekly in the Bay Area besides most weekends. He has been a full time caller since shortly after his arrival in the San Francisco area but has also worked part-time at Hilton Audio Products, the manufacturer of many square dance audio products.

Roger has returned to school recently to obtain a degree in electronics. In all his spare time, Roger enjoys fishing, working on cars, baseball, and music of all kinds.[1]

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