Jill Marci

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Jill and her husband John Sybalsky

Jill Anne Marci Sybalsky
aka "Giggles"
18 Nov 1959 – 22 Feb 2019

Clubs & Associations

Carnival Twirlers

Quick Facts


It is difficult to imagine a life without Jill, she was a beloved daughter, mother, wife, and friend to many. She graduated from Leland high school in 1977, and then from West Valley. Her affinity for square dancing and magic began at an early age and she became she a celebrated magician, clown, and square dance caller. She was a lifetime member of the International Brotherhood of Magic and CALLERLAB Jill and her partner Brenda ran a TV show as Giggles and Snickers the magical clowns for many years. She called many square dances and led a square dance club for the youth. She also performed many times as a magician and hypnotist. Later on, in life, she became an awarded genealogist and proved her lineage to and became a member of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, United Daughters of the Confederacy, and United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada.She lived her entire life in Santa Clara County and was a devoted San Jose Sharks fan. She is survived by her son, Wayne Marci, her mother, Beverly Marci, and her partner, Brenda Booth. Thank you for coming, try to remember your fondest memory of Jill. With love, Jill’s family.[1]

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