Golden Boot 2010

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Golden Boot 2010 - John Faulds

presentation at Chi-Town Shakedown by Bob Young

My mother used to love the joke about the Klopman Diamond ... it was a beautiful diamond, but it came with a curse. Mr. Klopman.

So it is with the Golden Boot. It is an ad hoc award in recognition of someone who has showed exemplary service to LGBT square dancing, both on a local level as well as to the IAGSDC. It is given by an individual to an individual; so if somebody has a resentment because they did not receive it, they resent me and not an organization. Oy!

As I left the stage last year, however, I knew exactly to whom I would pass on the Golden Boot this year. And I have spent the past year thinking that was too easy and I should find somebody else. Various people kept coming to mind ... all deserving, but still not topping my initial thought. But it is wonderful to know there are so many devoted people who bring your local clubs and the IAGSDC to life. As I look around the room, I can see both the consumers and the leaders. Obviously, you are both the lifeblood of the organization and it is always a thrill to be a part of the same team as each and every one of you.

This year’s recipient has been involved in square dancing for nearly 20 years. In that time, this person has served on their club’s Board as Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary multiple times, has been an organizer of AC weekends and fly-ins (both with and without clothing!), and served as co-chair of an annual Convention. Between all of those other responsibilities, this is a person who also served as secretary and vice-president of the IAGSDC Board. During that time, this person helped organize and served on the Petersen Trust Board, organized and has served on the Convention Advisory Committee, as well as the All Join Hands Foundation. And, to the best of my knowledge, has never been seen without a smile, a joke and a kind word for everyone.

This person’s service has even extended internationally, as the organizer of a square dance trip to dance with clubs in London and Amsterdam [ed - see Chase the Queen and Spin the Windmill] , and on the high seas, on several successful Ripple the Wave trips.

I could go on and on about the service and dedication of this person, but I think when you meet you will agree, and I am sure he is in the same cold sweat I was in last year. So, without further ado,

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2010 Golden Boot goes to John Faulds.