Arch and Dive Thru

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An annual fly-in hosted by Gateway Squares, held in a different location each year. The club made an agreement with the Sho-Me Squares from Kansas City to alternate fly-ins. St. Louis decided to call its fly in Arch and Dive Thru.

There was no fly-in in 2014 due to the IAGSDC convention being held in St. Louis in 2015.


The first fly-in, in 2006, featured Kris Jensen and Gary Monday as callers and a beach theme. It was held at a large old church where MCC was holding services. It attracted 100 dancers, including large contingents from Chicago and Kansas City. Trevor Slom was the first fly-in chair.

The second Arch and Dive Thru featured Mike Kellogg and Ett McAtee. It was held at a local elementary school in the city and also broke the 100 mark in attendance. Mike Hawley was chair.

The third Arch and Dive Thru, in 2010, featured Ann Uebelaker and Mike Kellogg as callers and a space theme. It was held at a Presbyterian Church in University City. Curtis McMillen was chair.

The fourth Arch and Dive Through, in 2012, featured Saundra Bryant and Anne Uebelaker, and was held at a senior center in the city of St. Louis, continuing the club's tradition of holding a fly-in at a different location each year. Aaron Wells was chair.


# Year Date City State Venues Theme Callers
1 2006 Mar 24-26 St. Louis MO St. John United Methodist Church the Deep Blue Kris Jensen, Gary Monday
2 2008 Mar 28-30 St. Louis MO And the Winner Is... Mike Kellogg, Ett McAtee
3 2010 Mar 19-21 St. Louis MO Trinity Presbyterian Church 2010: A Space Oddity! Mike Kellogg, Anne Uebelacker
4 2012 Mar 30-Apr 1 St. Louis MO Disco Inferno Saundra Bryant, Anne Uebelacker