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Warren Otis Jaquith
06 Mar 1948 - 28 Feb 2007

Clubs & Associations

DC Lambda Squares
Gay Callers Association

Quick Facts


Warren was club caller and teacher for DC Lambda Squares for many years.

Warren suffered a major stroke while teaching a Mainstream class on Monday, February 26, 2007. Two days later on February 28, he passed away peacefully early in the morning with his partner Tom Pearson at his side.

GCA Caller School

Medallion Dancer


Warren O. Jaquith died on Wednesday February 28, 2007, following a hemorrhagic stroke. He leaves his life partner of 24 years, Wendell Thomas "Tom" Pearson, of Arlington, Virginia; his parents, Wendell Evans and Chlora Ann (Shearer) Jaquith, of Silver Spring, Maryland; two sisters, Susan Dianne Jaquith of Wilson, NC, and Carol Ann (Jaquith) McCue of Hermitage, Tennessee; a brother, Wayne Langhorne Jaquith, of Silver Spring, Maryland; aunts, uncles, cousins, neices and nephews, and a wide circle of friends. Memorial service at Christ Congregational Church in Silver Spring will be on March 10 with Interment in Pine Grove Cemetery in Spencer, MA.

Warren was named for his father's twin who died at 9 months on May 21, 1921. They are both buried in the same grave in the Evans-Jaquith plot in Pine Grove Cemetery, Spencer, Massachusetts.

Warren was generous in spirit and had the gift of humor. He was a gourmet cook and loved to entertain family and friends with his partner, Tom. (Note, Warren & Tom never legally married, as same-sex marriage was illegal in Virginia. They were, however, recognized as married by friends and family). He loved family and friends, traveling, movies, drama, concerts and opera. Warren was also an accomplished square dancer and caller. He was a co-founder of DC Lambda Squares in Washington, DC. He suffered a stroke while teaching a beginners' class. As a gay man, both he and Tom enjoyed the love and acceptance of family members.

Even as a small boy of nine years, Warren was known for his generosity and selflessness, offering the entire amount of money in his wallet to his widowed grandmother, Helen Frances (Evans) Jaquith, following the death of Milo Warren Jaquith, her husband and Warren's grandfather. And that same character trait was evident just days before he suffered a stroke, when he delivered several homemade meatloaves to his elderly parents' home.

Hundreds of people attended his memorial service at Christ Congregational Church (United Church of Christ); pews were filled and standing room only was available for others who lined the walls of the sanctuary.

The graveside service in Spencer, Massachusetts, was attended by many family members in June of 2007. His sister Susan brought a handmade baby blanket, made by Grandma Helen Frances (Evans) Jaquith in 1948, in anticipation of Warren's birth. He was a beloved grandchild, son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, friend, colleague, and indeed, a cherished and beloved life-partner (husband) whose spirit blessed and blesses this world. We give thanks for the opportunity to share in the time he spent with us. Following the graveside service, Warren's 86 year old mother, frail and suffering from moderate dementia, knelt on the ground and kissed his gravestone.

Warren died far too young. He was a beautiful soul and source of love and laughter during his time among us. Rest in the peace of God, Warren, beside your beloved grandparents, Milo and Helen Jaquith.[1]


Warren Jaquith Scholarship Fund
DC Lambda Squares established the Warren Jaquith Scholarship Fund to honor the lasting contributions made by Warren Jaquith, a founding member, longtime caller, avid supporter and dear friend of our club. Warren believed that square dancing was an activity for everyone, and DC Lambda Squares wants to make it possible for those who want to square dance to be able to do so, regardless of financial circumstances. If you want to square dance with us, but cannot because of financial difficulty, the Warren Jaquith Scholarship Fund may be able to help. The fund assists club dancers who want to attend fly-ins or the IAGSDC Convention. The fund can also be used for square dance classes. To learn more or to donate visit the Lambda Squares website

Betty Riehl Excellence in Service Award Warren Jaquith joined the American Advertising Federation as the receptionist in 1998. For the next nine years, he embraced his position, literally receiving every visitor, phone call and delivery that came to the AAF. Warren had a very specific and unique ability to connect with people instantly. Everyone who met him—and even those who only spoke with him over the phone—were happy to say they knew him.

Like Betty Riehl, Warren was an essential member of the AAF family. And also like Betty, he possessed an unending supply of warmth, humor and patience. From behind his desk in the center of the AAF’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., Warren represented the AAF at its best. He cared for our members in every way he could. He was great with details and never overlooked any request. Warren understood that the smallest gestures can mean the most, and he took every opportunity to make anyone who walked through the door feel at home. And to those both in the office and across the country, he was the voice of the AAF—a warm, mellifluous, meant-for-radio voice. Warren without fail was welcoming, charming, friendly and helpful.

Warren also played an integral role at each of the national conferences he attended. His domain was the staff room, where he kept everyone focused, cheerful, on schedule and supplied with food and chocolate, which Warren insisted was full of Vitamin C. He was the epitome of “grace under pressure,” and his assured demeanor was a steadying force for the entire staff.

Outside of the AAF, he brought joy and his perfect dry comic delivery to legions of square dancers. Warren was a founding member of the D.C. Lambda Squares and a revered teacher and caller. He and his partner of 24 years, Tom Pearson, enjoyed traveling, good food and Bombay Sapphire martinis.

Warren died suddenly on February 28. We present the Betty Riehl Award in honor of his dedicated service to the American Advertising Federation and to celebrate the nine years of kindness, quips, puns and smiles he gave to every member of the AAF family.[2]

Memorial Panel

  • 3UL | DC Lambda Squares

Warren's badge was pinned to the IAGSDC Memorial Panels at the 2007 convention in Denver. (Note: Center right on the linked badge photo.)


Archive.org copy of Memorial page originally on DC Lambda Squares web site

Warren's Dash by Ett McAtee

Warren's Humor ... a collection of Warren's best on-mic lines.

Article The Importance of LGBTQ-Affirmation To a Grieving Family by Susan Jaquith, Warren's sister

My heart weeps.

We have truly lost one of the most important, loving, friendly, and positive members of our square dancing family. I learned to dance in DCLS, and it was always comforting to have Warren in my square. He was unwavering in his support of student dancers, offering always-gentle help when appropriate, often in a way such that no one else in the square knew that he was helping. He cared about helping you feel comfortable and become a better dancer, never about showing off. He even made breaking down a pleasant experience. I will also miss his ever playful calling. There was never any "dancers vs. caller" with Warren; he was always on our "side".

At Convention, as I square up to dance, I will ask Warren the question he so often asked of me: "Come here often?" I am very grateful that the answer has always been "yes", and will still be "yes" in my heart.

Paul Weiss
DCLS class of 1991
Finest City Squares, San Diego



Warren calling with Dayle Hodge at the DC Lambda Squares' 25th Anniversary dance in Jan 2007


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