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Andy here again - is anyone listening?? I've written some Tips on Power-Editing this wiki


Andy here - I've started using Categories in the wiki... look at

 toolbox > Special pages > Categories

you can add a page to category "booger" with the markup [[Category:booger]] - note that it will not appear in the body of the page, but will add a category link at the bottom. Those links take you to automatically generated lists of all pages in that same category. Neat! I've created categories for

Golden Boot Recipients

Pages can obviously be in more than one category. Other possibilities might include

Other Organizations
Drag (or Drag Queens)
Anecdotes (or Stories)

is plural the right thing or should these be singular? Ideas? Reactions?

More meta-discussion...


Andy here again - yet another idea of info we should capture in the wiki is the club "family tree" - migration and influence of key people who started or significantly helped other clubs. E.g.,

John & Leo from Chicago to St. Pete., Marilyn and Pat from Western Star to ECR, Lyn Platten from ECR to Sequoia Ocean Waves, Neil H from ECR to Santa Cruz... Joe Frazier from FCD to Cream City... there are lots and lots of these connections, and I think they should be noted on both sides on the club pages (as well as the "people" pages where appropriate.

I've been using the "way back machine" [] to get to old convention and club sites to dig for some information. It's pretty useful.

I'd like to see club logos, badges and links on the club pages!

2010-07-19 Andy here - I've been thinking about other topics and areas we could include:

history of iagsdc and clubs online --

the beginning of lgcwsd (contact Doug Sewell)
who registered & created the first website
when did each club go online, start using email, etc.
early mentions of gay square dancing on usenet - soc.motss, ba.motss and BML (the bears mailing list)
early recruiting online - local BBS's?

Fun Badge Tours - can we get scans/photos of all the convention fun badge dangles over the years? To my knowledge the tour is unique to GLBT square dancing... is this true? If so, how did it come about?

Fistful of Crinoline, the SheDevils, the Rainbelles

History of IAGSDC/GCA at CALLERLAB conventions & in CALLERLAB

Bob Bellville
first Birds-of-a-feather sessions on calling for gay clubs
first official mention of IAGSDC as a represented organization

On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 1:39 PM, Andy Shore wrote:

Howdy Michael, Allan, Pam & Karl,

I'm emailing you to start, but this would probably be better done in some sort of open forum. I know that Michael is the section editor for this but I've been kicking ideas around in my head.

Is there a good forum to discuss meta-issues around iagsdc wiki content? i.e., not what the content is, but what it could/should be? Is the "discussion" part of the wiki a place to do this? if not, where?

I scanned in several cloisonne pins from past conventions as a start to gathering some of the images and info for the wiki pages (I got inspired, what can I say) and that got me thinking that there should be some sort of "template" for the past convention wiki pages, much like Pam is creating for clubs.

Where can we flesh this out?

Below are just some of the fields that might be interesting. I think coming up with a template first, and then building on it and varying it where appropriate would be better than just doing each convention entry in an ad-hoc manner.

Convention Title:
Host hotel/venues:
Convention committee title:
Hosting club(s):
Convention committee members:
Calling staff:
Sound staff:
Vendor list:
Fun Badge Tour stops:
Pre/Post convention events & tours:
scans of convention program/schedule/etc?
IAGSDC officers:
IAGSDC meeting notes: (new clubs, etc)
Registration numbers:
Attending clubs:
HTQ winner (etc):
Golden Boot recipient:
10 year medallion recipients:
20 year medallion recipients:
"swag" (t-shirts, give-aways, etc.)
dangles created for the convention...
other ideas?

Obviously this information would have to be pulled from many places, but that's the point of it being a wiki :)

let me know what you think.