Grant Ito

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Grant Ito

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Running Bear Squares
Squares Across the Border


Grant Ito is a relatively new face to the square dance scene and already has proven that hard work and determination can lead to the promise of a new up-and-coming caller in our midst.

Although his calling years are few, he has already been asked to call various fly-ins, graduation dances, and tips at both gay and straight functions in Canada and the USA.

He is presently working all the levels from Basic through C-1 with Squares Across the Border and enjoys them all equally. Grant is very honored to have been asked to help call the Trail-In Dance for Portland and looks forward to meeting many new square dance friends and re-uniting with all those he has met from all over North America.[1]

Quick Facts

GCA Caller School

  • attended as a student 1998, 1999

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  1. IAGSDC Convention Program (Portland), 1987