Cadillac Squares

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Location: Detroit, MI, USA


Started: 1992

Admitted to IAGSSDC: 02 Jul 1993 as Full Member

Status: Folded, 2012

History: Founded by Gail Oliver, Will Austin, Mark Perry, Victor Chrostowski, Dennis Hull, Jay Steffka, John Thomason.

From the Program Book of the 10th IAGSDC Convention, held in Seattle, WA in 1993:
Cadillac Squares were assembled one deep, dark, and dingy night out of the feverish mind of Will Austin who had run out of rodeos to attend and had decided to move back to Michigan to buy a new pink Cadillac. He made the mistake of "soliciting" Gail Oliver's help in this endeavor and on June II, 1992 history was made.
We have struggled to keep the original nucleus group together, but on May 6, 1993 we graduated our first beginner/mainstream class of eight including one transient from Grand Rapids (Patrick Aymar). The founding members of the club and participants in the first class include Will Austin (President), Gail Oliver (Secretary), Mark Perry (Treasurer), Victor Chrostowski (caller for our new beginner class), Dennis Hull (teddy bear enthusiast), Jay Steffka (energizer and showman), and last but most assuredly not least John Thomason (barman extraordinaire).

Classes: Thursdays (Mainstream & Plus) & Sundays (Basics)

Club Caller[s]: Paul Waters tapes


Dance Location[s]: The Other Side Bar

Fly-Ins Hosted:

Conventions Hosted: