Bill Whitefield

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William Wilton Whitefield
27 Jul 1941 - 12 Jun 2013

Clubs & Associations

Foggy City Dancers
Foggy City Squares
Gold Rush
Western Star Dancers


Bill was an early member of Foggy City Dancers and Western Star Dancers in San Francisco. He co-taught classes for Foggy City, and called for the Foggy City Performance Team and for Gold Rush. He was one of four callers who called at the 1986 Gay Games in San Francisco.

Bill passed away in SF in June 2013. In a gathering of friends sharing his memory, Bill's FCD and WSD badges were pinned to the Memorial Panels on 06 Jul 2013 during Weave Your Heart in San Francisco.

See the Foggy City Performance Team entry for some videos of Bill calling.

Memorial Panel

  • 1UL | Foggy City Dancers
  • 3UR | Western Star Dancers