Bill Hanzel

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Bill Hanzel

Clubs & Associations

Square Dance Callers' Association of Northern California


Bill's calling and career for the U.S. Navy has taken him to Japan, Canada, Okinawa, the Phillipines and to Adak, Alaska, where he began dancing in a one-square class in 1969. As a neophyte, Bill was the first caller for The Young Rebels, a Bay Area teenage group, and is now a member of the Square Dance Callers' Association of Northern California and of Callerlab. For two years an attraction at the Reno gay community's Country Dance Festival, he is currently the caller/instructor for Basic and Mainstream classes at Western Star Dancers and at El Camino Reelers, a new club in the San Jose area. Father of two, Bill is married to clogging instructor Janice Hanzel, and will be coordinating our Convention clogging activities.[1]

Quick Facts


  1. IAGSDC Convention Program (San Francisco), 1986