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The 10/25 Project was created in 2007 by Allan Hurst while he was working on the 10 Years Digital Edition project.

"10/25" refers to the time between years 10 and 25 of the IAGSDC's history.

A book documenting the first ten years of the IAGSDC was publisihed in 1993. Allan's original intention was to publish a second book covering years 10 through 25.

The second book was to have included at least one interview from all past and present IAGSDC member and affiliated clubs. The interviews were to be conducted by people in each club, following a template of suggested questions.

The publication of 10 Years Digital Edition took longer than anticipated, pushing publication of the proposed book to at least Year 26 or 27.

Instead of creating a book, Allan changed the project's goal to creating this wiki.

Allan recruited a team of volunteers comprised mostly of librarians to create this wiki.

In conjunction with the wiki, interviews from IAGSDC clubs and dancers will be conducted. The collected interviews will be transcribed (and annotated where necessary) and published in this wiki.