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Ronald Lee Cohen
AKA Sundance
28 Dec 1950 - 29 Aug 1987

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Ron Cohen
Ronald Lee Cohen, also known as Sundance (born Dec. 28, 1950,) ended 36 short years of dance on this planet near midnight Aug. 29. Remembered for his magical wit and infectious smile, Ron touched all his friends, deeply.

Ron was a dancer in L.A., prior to moving to San Francisco seven years ago. Here in Gay Paradise, Ron frolicked and played with the Jacks, Radical Fairies, K'thar Sissies, RFD Magazine, Ahavat Shalom, Western Star Dancers, Folk Dancers, SF Hiking Club, and the other employees of KOIT and KABL radio, where he was a computer consultant.

Ron silently fought AIDS for four years. During the final two week struggle with PCP and other complications, he was surrounded by his Baltimore family of Elsie and Jack, Dennis, Barbara, and Ida, and his S.F. family of Lee, Frank, Ron, Jeremy, Jacques, and many other close friends, plus the warm-hearted staff of S.F. General.

A memorial service was held, and a sequoia tree was planted in a place special to him, at Land's End. Donations may be made to the S.F. AIDS Foundation Food Bank, the AIDS Emergency Fund, or to Family Link — agencies there when he needed them. Call 863-9075 for information.

"Listen brother, listen! To my heart song. I will never forsake you, I will never forget you."[3]

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