Ray Brendzy

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Ray Brendzy

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Ray began square dancing at the early age of seven, when he was dragged to his first class by his parents. After his first year of dancing, Ray developed an interest in calling. The following year he joined a youth square dance club where he became proficient in all aspects of square dancing: calling, round dancing and square dancing. He annually participated in a local teen competition, and received many awards for his abilities. He is still the only competitor to receive the senior calling championship for five consecutive years. He became club caller for the youth group at eighteen. He remained with them for twelve years and channeled his efforts into producing some of the finest youth callers and dancers in the Lower Mainland.

Ray has called for many clubs over the years. He currently has five clubs in the Vancouver area. He is also an avid dancer, and tries to get out at least one night a week. He has recently completed a C3A teach, and is doing some calling at that level as well. Ray enjoys traveling with his calling, and is often out of town.[1]

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