Pioneer Promenade

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The annual fly-in of Temple Squares.
There was no fly-in 2014 due to the Squeeze The Hive convention being held in Salt Lake City that year.

Occasionally, a special call was created for the fly-in.

  • Stir the Hive: From the beginning of an EIGHT CHAIN THRU position, those facing in do your part of an EIGHT CHAIN FOUR; those facing out do you part of a SQUARE THRU FOUR. It's easy, once you get the hang of it!
  • Promenade the Great Salt Lake: From a squared set: Dancers in head position; ladies Chain 3/4 as men Promenade 1/4 to turn original partner into a Roll Promenade. Dancers at side position; Promenade 1/4 to take head position. Repeat action three times. End in a squared set.


# Year Date City State Venues Theme Callers
1 2010 Apr 2-4 Salt Lake City UT Columbus Community Center, Club Try-Angles This Is The Place Craig Satterthwaite, Anne Uebelacker
2 2011 Apr 1-3 Salt Lake City UT Columbus Community Center Mike Desisto, Anne Uebelacker
3 2012 May 11-13 Salt Lake City UT Columbus Community Center Stir the Hive Saundra Bryant, Anne Uebelacker
4 2013 May 3-5 Salt Lake City UT Columbus Community Center Promenade the Great Salt Lake Hunter Keller, Anne Uebelacker
5 2015 Jul 24-26 Salt Lake City UT
6 2016 Apr 22-24 Salt Lake City UT The Far Out, Groovy, Cool Cat, Nifty, Tie Dye, Hippy, Square Dance Weekend! Darren Gallina, Derek Page
7 2018 Aug 17-194 Salt Lake City UT Rags to Riches Sandie Bryant, Anne Uebelacker