Michael McMullen

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Michael McMullen
12 Aug 1952 - 18 Jan 2012

Clubs & Associations

Gay Callers Association
Heads to the Center
Rosetown Ramblers


Michael began his calling career in the summer of 1993 shortly after attending his first callers school. Since then he has been the club caller and instructor for the Rosetown Ramblers in Portland, Oregon. In 1995 he began calling for the C-Dogs, a C-1/C-2 club also in Portland. He is now proficient at all levels from Basic up to and including C-2 and enjoys the variety of all the levels. Michael has been a guest caller at various weekends from coast to coast in the USA and as far north as Canada. He has left his mark on the square dance world with his keen attention to detail and choreographic definitions. His creativity is evident at every level and you will never be bored at any dance that Michael is calling.[1]

Quick Facts

GCA Caller School

  • attended 1993, 1994, 1995, 1998

Medallion Dancer


This column is dedicated to Michael McMullen (1952-2012), who taught me Advanced even if it had to be with six ghosts, that Slides and Swings are outside activities, and how to tell which way the sugar packets are facing. I owe him much.
Kate Yule [2]

Memorial Panel


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