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Group photo from the 2005 Convention

Introduction: What is the IAGSDC® and What is "Convention"?

"Hey, there's a lot of information stuffed into this guide!"

"Me? Go to Convention?"

Who's in charge of this thing, anyway?

Women & Convention

Notes for non-LGBT Dancers at an IAGSDC® Convention

What really happens at Convention?

When to start planning your trip

Convention Registration: The early bird gets the discount

Travel Arrangements: Getting there is half the fun

Hotel/Housing Arrangements

What to pack? (aka, "Dancers' Wear Daily")

Taking care of yourself

Things to do when you arrive at the hotel

Registration & Related Activities

Meal & Bus Seating

Yeah, but when do we start dancing ?

Things to know about dancing at Convention...

What's a "Grand March"?

What does "WFH" or "TNP" Mean?

What is the "GCA", and what's a "GCA Tip"?

Fun Badge Tours

What's a "Moonshine" tip?

Weird stuff you're really going to want to know

Honky Tonk Queens

What's a "Bathing Beauty"?


Who is the "Square Dance Guru"?

Who is "Frank" and why do people keep telling him to shut up?

Remembering people who aren't here anymore

What are "The Petersen Fund" and "All Join Hands"?

Is it over already?

Finding people after convention

How do I find out about upcoming Conventions and local fly-ins?

I'm going to another city for vacation; is there a square dance club there?

How do I make electronic contact with other IAGSDC® dancers?

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