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Ed Foote

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Ed Foote is well-known throughout the country to dancers at all programs. He has called for 30 years full-time for the past 22 years, and currently travels over 50,000 miles a year calling over 300 dances in 20 states coast to coast, Canada and Europe. In his career he has called in 45 states, 6 Canadian provinces, has made 11 calling trips to Europe calling in 10 countries, and has been on the staff of numerous festivals and conventions. Ed is also the regular caller for three square dance clubs in the Pittsburgh area.

A former member of Callerlab's Board of Governors Ed has been an active member of a number of committees in that organization for over 20 years. He is accredited by Callerlab as a Caller Coach, and has conducted many caller clinics and colleges throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. He also runs his own caller school at home every year.

Ed is a well-known square dance author. He has written and edited several instructional books on square dancing, has had hundreds of articles published in the U.S. and other countries, and for 11 years wrote a monthly newsletter for callers. He currently writes a monthly column for American Square Dance magazine, and is also a staff writer for The Northeast Square Dancer magazine.

Ed has been producing square dance audio and videos teaching and dancing tapes for many years. His tapes have taught many people to improve their dancing, and are currently being used by thousands of dancers throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Japan. He also has two instructional videos for callers.[1]

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