Dogwood City Dancers

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Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

Started: 1987

Admitted to IAGSDC: 03 Jul 1987 as Full Member

Status: Folded, 1989 or 1990?

History: Founded by Sam Kaluf, Tim Mezic, Melonie Jones, Beberyly Craton, Matt Crnolatic, Mike Trowell, Vince Kanalos, Lynn Merkel

From the Program Book of the 4th IAGSDC Convention, held in Portland, OR in 1987:
Gay square dancing began in Atlanta around October 1986 when Sam K,, a member of the South Florida Mustangs, moved to Atlanta to earn a graduate degree at Emory University. Under the encouraging ??? Friends Atlanta we began meeting once each week at Harry Lucas' home, and danced in his hallway. The club really began to move in early 1987 when Tim M. from the Desert Valley Squares came to Atlanta and joined Sam in getting the organization going. It was during the South Florida Mustangs' Fly-In that the name Dogwood City Dancers was adopted. We are currently meeting twice a week for workshops and are having a great time. We are happy to be here in Portland for Explode the Rose and will be applying for membership in the IAGSDC.


Club Caller[s]:

Levels: Basic

Dance Location[s]: Texas Drilling Co., The Cove

Fly-Ins Hosted:

Conventions Hosted: