Chesapeake Squares

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Location: Baltimore, MD, USA


Started: 01 Oct 1986

Admitted to IAGSDC: 03 Jul 1987 as Full Member

Status: Active


From the Program Book of the 4th IAGSDC Convention, held in Portland, OR in 1987:
Chesapeake Squares was founded in September 1986. The president and secretary/treasurer started the organization primarily for the purpose of having a social alternative to the bar scene.
At its inception Chesapeake Squares had 13 regular and 5 affiliate members (from the neighboring Lambda Squares in Washington, DC). Currently in our second semester, we have increased the regular membership to 37, and the affiliate members continue to attend.
Chesapeake Squares owes a great deal to Lambda Squares' continuing support and enthusiasm. The opportunity of having an energetic and experienced club within an hour's drive has served to enrich our social and dancing program. We are very proud of our young organization and the people who comprise it and are overwhelmed by the support, camaraderie and love that our members have shown.

From the Program Book of the 8th IAGSDC Convention, held in Miami, FL in 1991:
Chesapeake Squares began in 1986 when a pair of enthusiastic beginners. Terry and Jeff, saw a demo dance put on by the DC Lambda Squares. Since then, we have grown into a viable, very enthusiastic club that dances every Tuesday night in Baltimore. We currently dance 5 squares of mainstream, 4 squares of Plus, and have a smattering of Advanced and 2 Challenge dancers in our fold.
Our club dances feature live callers when they are in town, including Anne Uebelacker, Betsy Gotta, Chuck Stinchcomb, Tom Sellner, and Joe Uebelacker. We are very fortunate to have Pete Diven as our regular club caller. He puts us through our paces on a regular basis!


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